Sunday, December 16, 2007

In Iraq - For every solution, there is a problem!

On the Frontpage Headliner of this article"

"Return of about 4.5 million refugees who fled sectarian conflict poses complex challenge (emphasis mine) for Iraqi leaders, U.S. military, diplomats and aid workers."

Really? A sign that the war is being won is riddled with problems? Nay! We thought the war could be won in a day, with no casualties, no mistakes, no loss of equipment, and an Immediate resolution, like um, well, no war ever.

Just the one you expect from a Republican.

BAGHDAD - When the Iraqi government last month invited home the 1.4 million refugees who had fled this war-ravaged country for Syria -- and said it would send buses to pick them up -- the United Nations and the U.S. military reacted with horror.

They did? "horror", ey! No less than horror! You have pictures of their horrified faces? No? I think you made up the horror bit. Although, the UN having noticed they could do something productive might, in my mind's eye, produce a horrified expression.

Now do yourself a favor, and click on the "Basra handover" link next to the bus pic, and scroll down to paragraph 9.

"But (emphasis mine) U.S. officials worry that a power vacuum could heighten the influence of Iran and threaten land routes used by the Americans to bring ammunition, food and other supplies from Kuwait to troops to the north."

We have a winner! The Damning But. These guys cannot help themselves.

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