Monday, December 3, 2007

Afore Foer is Finished - More Hits on TNR

Roger L Simon Shoots.... and Scores! "The larger issue involved, however, is fact-checking in general. It is the linchpin on which mainstream media bases its superiority over blogs and other new online media and has considerable economic ramifications: whom readers trust equals whom advertisers will ultimately invest in. All of this is fluid."

Michelle Rakes The Anti-US Foer's Decks. The Heading says it all, and the content is devestating. With Juicy "look at what he did NOT mention linkage and images

John Tabin gets his hooks in for the boarding "When critics first started raising red flags about the Baghdad Diarist articles, there were charges that TNR was advancing an anti-military agenda. Such charges were somewhat unfair in July. They're perfectly fair now."

H/t Instapundit, as Usual

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