Monday, June 23, 2008

The unavoidable "Damning But"

What you see here, people, is an admission that they were wrong about Iraq all along. And that is as close as you will ever get, of seeing these professional liars come to admitting any truth that does not fit in their worldview.

Oh , how painful good news for the Iraqi people has become for the press.

Methods 5, 11, 13, 14. of modern leftist press propaganda.

The Wolrd is gonna end! - UPDATED

Unless, you know, you vote for the obamessiah

Here's a screenshot, for posterity, and before they "Memory hole" it.

"The sense of helplessness is even reflected in this year's presidential election. Each contender offers a sense of order—and hope. Republican John McCain promises an experienced hand in a frightening time. Democrat Barack Obama promises bright and shiny change, and his large crowds believe his exhortation, "Yes, we can." "


"Each period also was followed by a change in the party controlling the White House. "

Ok! thanks for the heads up, darlings. Did you ever stop to think, Alan Fram and Eileen Putman, That your constant campaign of bad news is the only news, leftist bias, unfairness, dishonesty, alarmism, caviling, whining, distortions and other bad habits have anything to do with the problem?

Do you know what YOUR approval rating is?

Insty picks up an actual Journalist who has seen the light

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Connecting the dots, MSM Style. (UPDATED)

Here is the original article, if you want a good laugh.


It is so painfully obvious that the AP have become proselytizing priests for a socialist-envirofreak religion. This kind of junk can only be written, and distributed by those who believe no-one is EVER going to evaluate what they said.

Modern Journalism Informs you alrightily!

12 pigs

(click on pic for cnn art.)

A New Milestone in slow-newsdayishness. Modern Journalism informs you goodily.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

And the Adulation goes on and oon...

Charles has it covered

Peoples "eyes light up", and Obama bests a Greek God. Yeah. Modern Journalism informs you goodily!

Today is Obamessiah day!

When a Republican secures the nomination, we get this:

A small picture of a slightly worried looking man against a plain backdrop.

When their candidate gets nominated, we get this:

Big picture of demigod towering over adoring followers

And this:

Historic Victory looking up for greater glory of the change idea

And this:

"Swirl" of history! Change! Adoring crowds!

We are beyond a subtle bias this year. These people are propagandists.