Thursday, January 31, 2008

When Treason is not Newsworthy

It's not newsworthy if it is bad for America, and gives nuclear secrets to our enemies.

How many word were spent on Plame/Nothingate? 163000 Google hits.....

And on This? Yeah. 35

The Press is the Enemy.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Palistinians not welcome in Egypt.

Or, As the AP puts it:

More headline possibilities, based on the article:

  • Hamas causes Palestinians to flee, seek illegal refuge
  • No work in Islamic paradise, weapons aplenty
  • Weapons Smuggled into Egypt from Gaza
  • Egyptians Foil Palestinian Terror attacks
  • Palestinians Flee Hamas, walk across desert in search of better life
  • Egyptians oppress Palestinians: a new apartheid?
Feel free to add more!

H/t, LGF

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Yetyetbutyetbut. Yetbutdidnotjointheclapping

I'l highlight, so you don't have to go through the pain

Read the whole, sorry, "unbiased" piece here.

WASHINGTON — Facing an unstable economy and an unfinished war, President Bush used his final State of the Union address Monday night to call for quick passage of his tax rebate package, patience in Iraq and a modest concluding agenda that includes $300 million in scholarship money for low-income children in struggling schools.

With Senate Democrats already jockeying to amend the stimulus package that the administration negotiated with the House last week, Mr. Bush, in his address, urged lawmakers to resist the temptation to “load up the bill” with other provisions. To do so, he warned, “would delay or derail it, and neither option is acceptable.”

Yet Mr. Bush devoted relatively little of his 53 minute speech to the economy, the issue that is the top concern of voters during this election year. He spent far more time talking about the issue that has been his own primary concern, Iraq.

Mr. Bush made the case that his troop buildup had “achieved results few of us could have imagined just one year ago,” and reminded Americans that in coming months, 20,000 troops will have come home. Yet he avoided any timetable for further withdrawal and, if anything, seemed to be preparing the country for a far longer-term stay in Iraq, warning that a precipitous withdrawal could lead to a backslide in security.

“Members of Congress,” Mr. Bush said, “having come so far and achieved so much, we must not allow this to happen.”

The White House had promised that the speech would look forward, not back. Facing the realities of a final year in office, with little time to win legislation from a Congress controlled by Democrats, Mr. Bush used the address to emphasize his power to block actions that he opposes. He vowed to veto any tax increases or legislative earmarks that were not voted on by the full Congress.

But the speech, interrupted nearly 70 times by applause, was also infused with a sense of summing up, as Mr. Bush opened by remarking that “our country has been tested in ways none of us could imagine” since he delivered his first address to Congress, seven years ago.

“We have faced hard decisions about peace and war, rising competition in the world economy, and the health and welfare of our citizens,” Mr. Bush said. “These issues call for vigorous debate, and I think it’s fair to say we’ve answered that call. Yet history will record that amid our differences, we acted with purpose.”

Democrats responded by saying that Mr. Bush had offered “little more than the status quo,” in the words of the Senate Democratic leader, Harry Reid of Nevada, and the House speaker, Nancy Pelosi of California.

Yet the party’s official response was not criticism but a call for unity, delivered by Gov. Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas. Ms. Sebelius urged the president to build on the bipartisanship of the stimulus package — a sign that with the fall elections just 10 months away, Democrats are aware they must show voters they can work across the aisle.

“There is a chance, Mr. President, in the next 357 days, to get real results and give the American people renewed optimism that their challenges are the top priority,” she said.

Seven years have passed since Mr. Bush arrived in Washington, fresh from the Texas governor’s mansion, with a sweeping domestic agenda and a grand promise to be a “uniter, not a divider.” But with the nation divided over the war, and many Americans already looking past Mr. Bush to the 2008 presidential race, he arrived in the House chamber on Monday night a politician with much less ambitious plans.

Mr. Bush is grayer now than he was then, reflecting the strain of his time in office. And he is realistic, White House aides say, about what he might accomplish in his 51 weeks left.

In one poignant sign that his time is short, Mr. Bush’s twin daughters, Jenna and Barbara, were seated in the first lady’s box. It was the first time they had attended one of their father’s State of the Union addresses.

Looking ahead, on domestic affairs, Mr. Bush called on Congress to reauthorize his signature education bill, No Child Left Behind, and to pass pending trade agreements with Colombia, Panama and South Korea. He asked lawmakers to make his tax cuts permanent, and implored them to renew legislation permitting intelligence officials to eavesdrop on the communications of terrorism suspects and to provide legal immunity to phone companies that have helped in the wiretapping efforts.

Yet even as Mr. Bush issued that call, lawmakers were at an impasse over the bill Monday night, as the Senate rejected two measures that would have forced votes on competing proposals — a plan backed by the White House and a short-term effort by Democrats to extend by a month the existing eavesdropping law, which is set to expire on Friday.

And though there is little to no chance that the Democratic Congress will tackle Social Security or illegal immigration, his two major domestic priorities, Mr. Bush could not resist urging them to do so. His counselor, Ed Gillespie, said Mr. Bush saw that as his presidential duty.

“The president understands that nominees on both parties are going to have their own proposals and ideas on these fronts,” Mr. Gillespie said, previewing the speech. “That’s where we are in the cycle of things.”

On foreign affairs, the speech was as notable for what it did not mention as for what it did. Mr. Bush left out any mention of North Korea; he had hoped that by now North Korea would have disclosed all of its nuclear programs, giving the Bush administration a foreign policy achievement. But the North missed the Dec. 31 deadline for disclosure.

On Iran, the third nation, beyond Iraq and North Korea, to make up Mr. Bush’s “axis of evil,” the president repeated an oft-stated message, addressing his words directly to the Iranian people and their leaders. To the leaders, he said, “Come clean about your nuclear intentions and past actions, stop your oppression at home and cease your support for terror abroad.”

On Iraq, Mr. Bush expressed confidence that Al Qaedawould be defeated, even though American military officials have emphasized that the Sunni Arab insurgency remains resilient.

Mr. Bush has often said he intended to “sprint to the finish.” Still, it was clear in his speech Monday night that the sprinting would involve relatively small steps. Beyond the scholarship money for low-income children, he offered just a handful of truly new initiatives.

The president promised to use his veto pen to curtail by 50 percent the pet projects lawmakers sometimes insert into spending bills without full Congressional approval.

Mr. Bush called on Congress to pass legislation that allows members of the military to transfer their G.I. Bill education benefits to spouses and children. And he promised to reduce or eliminate 151 government programs that he described as “wasteful or bloated,” to save $18 billion.

But many of the initiatives Mr. Bush announced were not new. He called on Congress to amend the tax code to make private health insurance more affordable, a plan he unveiled in his State of the Union address last year. He urged lawmakers to devote $30 billion over the next five years to combating the global AIDS epidemic, a proposal he announced in the Rose Garden in May. He asked Congress to pass a measure to ban human cloning, recycling a proposal from his 2006 State of the Union address.

One area where Mr. Bush hopes to find bipartisan consensus is in the reauthorization of No Child Left Behind, one of his few bipartisan achievements. But even that may be difficult.

“Six years ago,” the president said, “we came together to pass the No Child Left Behind Act, and today no one can deny its results.”

The remark brought applause from Republicans. But as he spoke, his main Democratic partner on the bill, Senator Edward M. Kennedy of Massachusetts, did not join in the clapping.

Nope, no bias here. Yet, there is! But.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Victims who must fight to survive!

From ABC

Just look at what the poor, peaceful HAMAS had to do to get food to the people! And those explosives... were in their posession for... um .. Mining! Mining of umm ura- no, no. no, ummmm blue opal! Yeah, thats the ticket! We find out later, it was "explosives" used by "Masked Gunmen" Land mines, to be precise. That are kept for peaceful purposes only, you understand. By the "Masked Gunmen"

But wait! why are the people in need of food and cigarettes? Maybe MSNBC can help us.

Found it!

Made scarce by Israel. Damn food scarce-icating Israelis.....

What they left out of the headline:
and page1,
and page 2,
and page 3.

Finally, on page 4 of the ABC article, we find this li'l piece of info:

Rocket fire? What rocket fire? This is so irrelevant to the situation, it gets mentioned out of context, on the fourth page?

AP article written by:

" Associated Press Writer Ashraf Sweilam reported from Rafah, Egypt."

Do you wonder where this writer's, and the AP's sympathies lie?

Where does MSNBC hide the nugget?

Page 2, of course. Its a "spike in Gaza rocket attacks", you see. The "Gunmen" were probably off rescuing kittens at the time.

Or mining opal, maybe.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

MSM Methods of (mis)reporting Politics

Claim you are “unbiased”, by not letting your readers know how you vote.. Then………

  1. Criticize your political opponent Whenever You Can, and never give credit when due. Even when it is painfully obvious that you were wrong, and the Wingnut was right. Caveat: the MSM is 90% Leftist.
  2. Set Standards for Conservatives, of absolute perfection, or better than perfect,. Examples are - Casualtyless wars, Low Oil prices, admission to mistakes when asked by hostile reporters, No tripping, ever! etc,) for Conservatives, Corollary to rule# 2: Expect Nothing of liberals except to get, and stay elected. Report on any transgressions of the expected perfection, as abject failure
  3. Play “Name That Party” IE, When Conservatives are involved in scandal, be sure to mention their party affiliation. Many times. Do not mention Democrats party affiliation, if at all possible. If necessary, do it at the end of a long article that makes many mentions of unrelated Republican transgressions.
  4. When a scandal is possible about a Rethuglican, FRONTPAGE! When it turns out to be nothing? - Corrections page a18, under the escort services ads.
  5. Use The Damning But technique whenever good news for conservatives cannot be avoided.
  6. When good news for Bush – for example the “Anbar Awakening” is unavoidable to mention, Find an “expert” that disagrees, and give him most of the article space.
  7. Treat all Military Staff with complete circumspection. Quote : A military spokesman “claimed” Or “defended” the latest move/decision in trouble-ridden XXXX” Exception, the “expert who disagrees.” The “Expert’s” word is taken as is, no qualifier.
  8. Treat All Military members on the line as victims of bad policy, as long as that policy is set by a Republican. – Exception, the “expert who disagrees.”
  9. If the policy is set by a Democrat, They are “Acceptable casualties of war” See #2, “standard of perfection”
  10. Count Bodies – of friendly/allied/USA soldiers. If 3 friendlies die when taking a mountain stronghold, but 150 Enemy soldiers were killed, Treat enemy soldier deaths as “a military spokesman claimed”, then go to tearful relatives of your own countries casualties, and ask them how they feel, on camera. “Damning but” technique helpful. Point out that “Area Was Unsafe!”
  11. Ignore progress, if progress may be good for conservatives. It is after all, relative to another bad thing somewhere. If no factoids can be found or manufactured (above willing suspension of disbelief level), do a negative poll. Zogby, Gallup are good go-to pollsters for this
  12. When progress is undeniable, find a victim of the progress. Every silver lining has a cloud! ”Fewer Deaths in Iraq Bad for Cemetery workers” Real headline.
  13. Nagging problems: “More electricity, but stifling heat continues” or “Some Progress, problems remain”. A Variation of the “perfection” theme (#2) almost always used as, or in conjunction with “damning but” technique.
  14. Negative word use without substantiation or perspective – “Costly Move” “Unpopular War” “Lowest Approval rating” “Most casualties between 12:00 and 12:01pm, In Iraq, ever”
  15. UN/NATO/FRENCH approval is necessary for wars started by Republicans. Democrats, Not so much. See Kosovo.
  16. The Enemy of your enemy (example, Ahmadenijad vs George W Bush) – is your friend, and deserves the benefit of the doubt. Also, really easy, non-confrontational interviews.
  17. Small protests that agree with your worldview can be made to look important with lots of close up shots of the most interesting poster held by a normal looking /angry individual. NEVER publish pictures of freaks in marches, unless…… They are conservatives. Then, that is all that you publish. Remember to use “fringe, far-right, extreme, and fundamentalist” often in describing them. The rightist freaks, at least. Use pictures taken from inside the crowd, outward, to make a conservative protest look smaller. Or take more pictures of the leftist counter-protestors than you do of the actual marchers. Make sure their version gets more space, quotes, and better pictures.
  18. At protests, Ignore left-on-right violence. The opposite applies to the opposite event.
  19. At leftist protests, treat police who are trying to protect the tax-paying public and their property as oppressors of free speech and the right to express views.
  20. At rightist protests, treat police who are protecting leftist counter protesters from abusive, bad words, as victims of vicious brown shirt-like fascists – (and the leftists as victims of violent conservative thugs) unless a leftist gets arrested.
  21. Arrests at protests: - if leftists, list their complaints and that of their attorneys. If conservatives, write about their transgressions, find lefty with complaint about events.
  22. Use “file photos” to obscure your lack of information from any given event. File photos are very seldom questioned, so, for example, all “file photos” of Iraq will show destruction or death, or soldiers pointing guns at children. File photos of anointed politicians will reflect them in all their holy glory.
  23. The Memory Hole: If you do not acknowledge a salient fact or event that you were wrong about, ever again, that fact or event may be treated as if it never existed, or took place.
  1. Define the political center to the left. That makes Hillary Clinton a “moderate”, Hugo Chaves slightly leftist, And journalists the center.
  2. Use Bigspeak. Decimate. Surge. Atrocity. Global. International. Billions. Deficit. Tons. Used when describing something bad, BIG bad, cause by wasteful Americans and their Idiot-in-chief.
  3. Newwordyness. I-anything. Webinar. Organic. Bio-crap. Nano. Blog. Truthiness. Use when trying to sound “hip”. Remember to type on Mac. Imac. I’m a Mac. Under an Ipod. On the internet. I-blogging!
  4. The “Bad gun” or “Devil made him do it” argument. : Whenever a terrorist or Criminal kills, or convinces himself to kill, write that the “Iraq war radicalized” him, or “Easy access to guns/explosives/knives/drugs/high heels by gangs” caused the death-murder-bombing/fashion crime to occur. Never write that the act was willful on the part of the perpetrator.
  5. Lie internationally, retract locally. International wire services will disseminate news far and wide, the retraction will be made at their site only.

Summary of all of the above - Anything Bad that happens, Anything at all, will get tied to, or mentioned as a part of The GWB Administration. Anything good will be ascribed to dumb luck - if it cannot be ignored.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Is it just me, or are people noticing that the press is the enemy?

Via LGF, we get this study.


Show me a company that can keep selling its product with that kind of disapproval, outside the news industry (and congress apparently).

87.6% know what the press are up to, while they claim objectivity. Keep digging, journalists.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

The big Iraq shaped hole in MSM coverage...

Is to be found here, and here.

Now is the time for silence, from the critics, it would seem. I cannot even open the discussion with my liberal friends, anymore. I get no response.

Free your mind from it's MSM bonds!

Excerpt from this article:

"Then we have hate speech laws, which empower governments to punish people of politically incorrect passions. In Europe, Canada and elsewhere, average citizens have suffered persecution for criticizing homosexuality and Islam and voicing other unfashionable truths. And as hate speech laws become more entrenched and accepted, the list of taboos of the tongue grows longer - and more widespread. They're coming soon to a theater of social operations near you."

Mindcrimes: Don't think, or say what we want you to? Report to the commission! Freedom of speech, my ass.

Here is someone who will nor be cowed by a so-called "human rights commision" (better named the "mindcrime police"?)

Note the complete dearth of reporting on this by the MSM. Who are more than willing to leak national security information, but cannot publish cartoons offensive to our enemies.

The press is the enemy.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Reuters shills for Traitor

And promptly has their ass handed to them.


Sunday, January 6, 2008

Blame the US first, and moral relativism

The Ap Headlines:

Tourists Shun Crime-Hit Mexico Beaches

Then , in the report, this excerpt:

Lori Hoffman, a San Diego-area emergency room nurse, said she was sexually assaulted Oct. 23 by two masked men in front of her boyfriend, San Diego Surfing Academy owner Pat Weber, who was forced to kneel at gunpoint for 45 minutes. They were at a campground with about 30 tents, some 200 miles south of the border."

"Sexually assaulted" for 45 minutes? What happened here? Did they pat her bum or touch her hair lewdly? I smell a "lets not report the details we have lest we make criminals look bad", type report here.

Lets move on!

In late November, as they returned from the Baja 1000 off-road race, a San Diego-area family was pulled over on the toll road by a car with flashing lights. Heavily armed men held the family hostage for two hours. They eventually released them but stole the family's truck."

It's all in how you say it. Lets try this! "was pulled over on the toll road by a car with flashing lights. They were forced from the car at gunpoint, held captive for 2 harrowing hours, after which the Hijackers took their truck, and left them stranded. they were no rescued until...."

Same information, but the AP version treats the hijackers as having some mercy by releasing them. It minimizes what the victims went through, and does not give enough information about the whole incident. What do the victims say? Did the Ap try to contact them? And what were the "heavily armed guys armed with? Illegal guns? Pointy sticks? Were the police called? What did the police do? How did the victims get home?

Aqua Adventures of San Diego scrapped its annual three-day kayak trip to scout for whales in January, ending a run of about 10 years. Customers had already been complaining about longer waits to return to the U.S.; crime gave them another reason to stay away."

Sooooo - the REAL reason they are staying away is that SOMEONE made some decisions that caused "longer waits to return to the US", but this pesky little crime thingy also plays a role? Because being forced at gunpoint to watch your girlfriend being "sexually assaulted" is just not enough to make you not return. there HAS to be some hassle at the border too, cause by... someone.

Another press technique revealed here - Name the thing you think is bad (the usa an their insane border procedures) first, then add what the article is really about as just "another" reason. Propaganda achieved! I think we should call this a clipon?


"Mexican officials acknowledge crime has threatened a lifeblood of Baja's economy. In Playas de Rosarito, a city of 130,000, police were forced to surrender their weapons last month for testing to determine links to any crimes. Heavily armed men have patrolled City Hall since a failed assassination attempt on the new police chief left one officer dead. On Thursday the bullet-riddled bodies of a Tijuana police official and another man were found dumped near the beach."

I wonder how this compares to Baghdad, Iraq, in like, deaths per capita? Is the Quagmire that is Tijuana not lost? The Tourists are withdrawing!

The War on what you could know, vs what they think you should know, continues unabated.