Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Your news about Iraq, interpreted for you.

The Source:

Lets see...

"Bush to Mark 5 Years of War in Iraq"

Ok. Is this like an Anniversary type thingy then?

"WASHINGTON (AP) - Five years after launching the U.S. invasion of Iraq, President Bush is making some of his most expansive claims of success in the fighting there. Bush said last year's troop buildup has turned Iraq around and produced "the first large-scale Arab uprising against Osama bin Laden."

You see, President Bush "Makes Claims" and what he claims is "put in parenthesis"

Massive anti-war demonstrations were planned in downtown Washington to mark Wednesday's anniversary of the war, which has claimed the lives of nearly 4,000 U.S. troops. Across the river at the Pentagon, Bush was to give a speech to warn that backsliding in recent progress fueled by the increase of 30,000 troops he ordered more than a year ago cannot be allowed.

Ah There are "Massive" "anti -war demonstrations" planned against, and a mention of US deaths, and "warning" about "backsliding."

"The challenge in the period ahead is to consolidate the gains we have made and seal the extremists' defeat," he said in excerpts the White House released Tuesday night. "We have learned through hard experience what happens when we pull our forces back too fast - the terrorists and extremists step in, fill the vacuum, establish safe havens and use them to spread chaos and carnage."

Bush added: "The successes we are seeing in Iraq are undeniable, yet some in Washington still call for retreat."

I sense a "Damning but" coming up.

Democrats took a different view.

"On this grim milestone, it is worth remembering how we got into this situation, and thinking about how best we can get out," said Rep. John Dingell, D-Mich. "The tasks that remain in Iraq - to bring an end to sectarian conflict, to devise a way to share political power and to create a functioning government that is capable of providing for the needs of the Iraqi people - are tasks that only the Iraqis can complete."

DOH! How hard was that to spot, heh?

The rest of the article is as bad - So Ill summarise the methods used, lemme know if you spot any!

Here is a list of methods used by leftist propagandists to "educate" you.

In this Article I detect Numbers 1, 5, 6, 10, 11, 13, and 17 coming up for the "massive planned protests.

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