Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Victims who must fight to survive!

From ABC

Just look at what the poor, peaceful HAMAS had to do to get food to the people! And those explosives... were in their posession for... um .. Mining! Mining of umm ura- no, no. no, ummmm blue opal! Yeah, thats the ticket! We find out later, it was "explosives" used by "Masked Gunmen" Land mines, to be precise. That are kept for peaceful purposes only, you understand. By the "Masked Gunmen"

But wait! why are the people in need of food and cigarettes? Maybe MSNBC can help us.

Found it!

Made scarce by Israel. Damn food scarce-icating Israelis.....

What they left out of the headline:
and page1,
and page 2,
and page 3.

Finally, on page 4 of the ABC article, we find this li'l piece of info:

Rocket fire? What rocket fire? This is so irrelevant to the situation, it gets mentioned out of context, on the fourth page?

AP article written by:

" Associated Press Writer Ashraf Sweilam reported from Rafah, Egypt."

Do you wonder where this writer's, and the AP's sympathies lie?

Where does MSNBC hide the nugget?

Page 2, of course. Its a "spike in Gaza rocket attacks", you see. The "Gunmen" were probably off rescuing kittens at the time.

Or mining opal, maybe.

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