Sunday, January 13, 2008

Free your mind from it's MSM bonds!

Excerpt from this article:

"Then we have hate speech laws, which empower governments to punish people of politically incorrect passions. In Europe, Canada and elsewhere, average citizens have suffered persecution for criticizing homosexuality and Islam and voicing other unfashionable truths. And as hate speech laws become more entrenched and accepted, the list of taboos of the tongue grows longer - and more widespread. They're coming soon to a theater of social operations near you."

Mindcrimes: Don't think, or say what we want you to? Report to the commission! Freedom of speech, my ass.

Here is someone who will nor be cowed by a so-called "human rights commision" (better named the "mindcrime police"?)

Note the complete dearth of reporting on this by the MSM. Who are more than willing to leak national security information, but cannot publish cartoons offensive to our enemies.

The press is the enemy.

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