Wednesday, January 12, 2011

They are worse, now

I've been away for two years. The Media has in the meantime degenerated into a straightforward propaganda machine for leftist ideology, and simply cannot be viewed as an actual, proper source of information.

Partly Because they have become too good at this strange passive-aggressive everything-bad-is-Sarah-Palin's fault thing. Wholly because they are deliberately misleading, and dishonest.

How on God's earth to you tie the Gifford shooting to Ms Palin for using terminology and graphics common to politics? You can only do it if you are Dishonest, Conniving, Delusional, and a little power-mad. Also if you believe no-one remembers "If they bring a knife"

The problem is that we do.

You "Journalists" want us to BELIEVE WHAT YOU SAY?

That would be self-delusional.

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