Thursday, November 29, 2007

How Anti-gun propaganda works 101


118 arrested and 1,300 guns seized in massive firearms raid.

Wow! impressive!

"Raids in hotspots which account for more than half of Britain's gun crime - Manchester, London, Liverpool and Birmingham - involved more than 1,000 officers yesterday.
The operation seized 10 handguns and £5,900 in cash. "

1000 Cops! 10 handguns! European money! What Success! And then.........

"six imitation handguns, 1,290 other realistic imitation firearms,"

UH-OH. Here we go. A raid, with 1000 Cops, yields some 1300 "guns", 6 of which were "imitation", 1290 were toys, and 4 were Airguns? With pictures of which the caption says "pretty impressive", and a file picture that has NOTHING to do with the raid, the haul, the confiscated cars?

Yet the people who wrote this trash, consider themselves the sole qualified arbiters of our window on the world. Because of "levels of editors". Or some such.

No Anti-gun meme here!

Hat Tip: BMEWS

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